Welcome to a new era


The green economy has become a priority theme for most of the companies that find themselves increasingly committed on making choices on environmental sustainability and energy saving.

On the upcoming years, there will also be a great innovation for commercial vehicles: trends indicate an exponential growth in the number of hybrid vehicles of various types or full electric.

Economic and ecological sustainability

These are the key words that will dominate this decade’s B2B, and the Green-G commercial vehicle is the solution designed to meet the new needs of the green economy.

A continuously growing trend

Electric is a growing trend, capable of reconciling sensitivity to the environment with low fuel costs.

In fact, the full energy charge for an electric vehicle has a cost per kilometer which is much lower than the thermal engines and considering that vehicles move in urban zones making frequent stops and go, the advantage is even more obvious.

Furthermore, in many big cities only low-emission vehicles are now allowed to enter and transit through historical centers, a restriction that makes activities such as last mile deliveries, door-to-door waste collection or road maintenance more difficult.

Designed to rEVolutionize city mobility

Green-G designed ecarry after a careful analysis of the paths, which are followed for door-to-door waste collection in big cities, determining the energy models in all possible operational missions.

A fully electric vehicle that respects the environment and represents the optimal solution and cost optimization for companies.