Everything you need

From the extra battery kit to the portable charging station, ecarry offers a wide range of accessories in line with the eco-sustainability project initiated by the company and designed to meet all needs.

Drive configuration (optional)

ecarry can be configured with both left-hand (LHD) and right-hand drive (RHD). A vehicle that can driven in all countries of the world and can also be configured for any city logistics services, waste collection services, and last-mile deliveries.

Air-conditioning (standard)

Managing the temperature inside the ecarry cockpit has never been easier, thanks to the innovative low energy impact air-conditioning system. The ergonomic control panel allows you to manage the temperature automatically or manually.

Additional battery kit (optional)

Extend the battery capacity of ecarry with an R100 automotive-approved modular system. The kit includes an additional 35kWh module, its brackets, its wiring, and the software dedicated to its activation.

8-meter charging cable, Mennekes-Mennekes type (standard)

Recharge ecarry in total safety with an IP55 certified cable, made with materials resistant to oil, fire, and UV rays. With the 32A, 8-meter charging cable Mennekes-Mennekes type 2, you can recharge your vehicle at all columns equipped with a type 2 connector.

Portable charging station (accessory)

ecarry is equipped with the portable charging station designed by Green-G engineers. Unique in its kind because all the electronics are installed inside the same charging plug and allows set up from 1.4kW to 7.4kW. This innovative solution is suitable for any three-phase or single-phase CEE industrial socket with suitable adapter.

Three-phase 32A to single-phase 32A adapter (accessory)

Recharge your ecarry without limits. With the three-phase 32A to single-phase 32A adapter, you can extend the capabilities of the portable charging station to all CEE industrial sockets, allowing vehicle charging without limits.

Portable external charger (accessory)

The XCU7 external battery charger has been developed to allow the recharging of Green-G batteries, which are not installed on board, or mounted on the extension.

The XCU7 external charger guarantees:

maximum power 7.4kW, selectable from the display that show the charging status;

  • IP67 protection level;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • maximum configuration capacity according to needs.

“ePTO (Electric Power Take-Off) (accessory)

Two configurations available:

  • ePTO consists of 7.5kW electric motor with inverter (blue)
  • Hydraulic unit (20l / min @ 150bar) consists of ePTO with gear pump (helical to ensure greater silence), motor-pump interface kit, 35-liter tank and accessories (blue and yellow).

Bidirectional Data Interface (standard)

ecarry is equipped with telemetric technology that allows the vehicle operator to monitor remotely the main vehicle functions and transmit updates to the vehicle in real time.