ecarry. A vehicle we have been waiting for, is here!


ecarry is the only fully electric commercial vehicle with a rEVolutionary concept such as advanced cabin with easy access, designed for urban hygiene services, city logistics, and last mile deliveries.
A 3.5 tons unique light truck in its category for ergonomics, capacity, performance, and dimensions. An innovative solution, which transforms the transport and electrical handling sector.

An aspiring, revolutionary, unique project

To offer the perfect solution, you need to know the real needs. This is why Green-G, in collaboration with the University of Brescia, conducted in-depth years of study and analyzed the routes performed in the Italian cities. For itineraries which are planned, repetitive, limited, constant, and characterized by countless starts & stops.

Green-G could make it, and made it: it’s called ecarry, the 100% electric commercial vehicle designed to meet the needs of service companies, municipalities, and carriers.

Using numerous sensors, the routes of waste-collection vehicles equipped with conventional propulsion were monitored. The result of this monitoring activities has been the mileage, the number of stop & go and the numbers of cycles. Through those data, we have made a deep analysis of the capabilities in terms of range and residual charge. This is why ecarry is a perfect vehicle for any tasks.


A professional and realistic approach!