Unstoppable. The importance of maximum autonomy in operation

When choosing a fully electric commercial vehicle, it is important to evaluate the aspects of the vehicle’s operating range, as well as its effectiveness and power.

Thanks to the modularity of the 35 or 70 kWh NMC (Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt) lithium battery pack, it can travel over 200 kilometers (WLTP cycle) with a single charge. ecarry is the ideal solution for city mobility and last mile deliveries.

ecarry is able to carry out an entire daily operational mission without pauses, thanks to the autonomy in operation dimensioned ad hoc, which allow it to carry out its duties with optimal timing.

Reaches where others cannot

Fully electric power supply, zero emissions and silent: ecarry can also circulate in historical centers and pedestrian areas. ecarry was designed for urban sanitation services, city logistics and last mile deliveries.

Minimum turning radius

The reduced turning radius gives the ecarry greater agility, a feature that allows it to move very smoothly in city traffic.

ecarry was conceptualized from the beginning to be recharged from any source of electricity. Therefore, no more dedicated charging columns and routes modified according to the latter.
Single-phase or three-phase, ecarry is suitable for all electrical power configurations without any adapter.