Accessories 4.0 for a unique commercial vehicle

The ecarry world offers a wide range of accessories designed to meet all business needs and which ensure the vehicle to complete an entire operational mission without pauses and shorter charging time.

These factors are very important for companies that deal with last mile delivery, door-to-door waste management collection or any maintenance activity in cities and pedestrian areas.

With the 32A single-phase 32A three-phase adapter, it is possible to extend the capabilities of the portable charging station to all CEE industrial sockets, allowing vehicle charging without limits.

The XCU7 external battery charger, developed to allow the recharging of Green-G batteries not installed on board the vehicle, ensures:

  • a maximum power of 7kW, which can be selected via the appropriate display which also allows the display of the state of charge;
  • an IP67 protection level with a wide range of operating temperatures;
  • total reprogramming based on customer needs.

ecarry is the ideal commercial vehicle for those looking for an effective, fast and powerful company fleet for the perfect success of every operational mission.