ecarry has N1 type approval for fully electric vehicle with a total ground mass of 3.5 tons, 80km / h

ecarry has obtained N1 type approval at European level for fully electric vehicle up to 80 km/h for customized vehicles which are intended for the transport of goods with a maximum mass not exceeding 3.5 tons.

But what does this mean? It means savings because the N1 approval allows access to multiple benefits, concessions, and incentives throughout Europe.
It means that ecarry is the first 100% electric vehicle to have achieved this recognition in all of Europe.

It means that ecarry is the most advanced vehicle in its category in terms of range, ergonomics, performance, and dimensions.  The result of the constant commitment of the Green-G Research & Development Department, made up of a company which has more than seventy years of experience in development. of advanced solutions for civil and military transport.

A fully electric vehicle with N1 type approval guarantees safety and high technology to our customers and, above all, to those who will get on board ecarry and will be able to count on an effective and powerful vehicle.

A fully electric commercial vehicle we have been waiting for, is finally here!

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