ecarry never stops! Here’s another article about our fully electric LCV-ecarry, spotted on Quattro Ruote





Green-G ecarry represents the projection into the electric era of the tradition of compact diesel trucks from small and medium-sized national companies, which are highly appreciated in the Italian province.

Produced by Goriziane, an italian industrial company from Villesse (GO) hitherto specialized in other sectors, it is also agile (less than 1.60 meters wide) and has an urban vocation reaffirmed by the lowered cab that is completely cantilevered from the front end, so as to facilitate the operators’ climbs and descents.

Having taken its first steps in environmental services with set-ups for waste collection, the Green-G’s model was first noticed by logistics and, more recently, by aerial platform rental, for maintenance services even in enclosed locations.

To these activities the ecarry provides a total weight of three and a half tons, a residual capacity for outfitting of 1.7 tons, a 90kW-122 peak hp motor and 35 or 70 kWh batteries.