With ecarry, a 100% electric commercial vehicle, CTE turns green

Developing new models with low environmental impact and energy efficiency features are part of CTE SpA’s programs and to pursue this goal, the company has identified Green-G Electric Vehicles as the ideal partner. Green-G shares with CTE important values ​​such as innovation and sustainability and under the pressure of this combination, the development project of a truck-mounted platform set up on a fully electric vehicle is born.

The agreement includes the exclusive supply by the company from Villesse (GO) of the electric commercial vehicle, ecarry for the preparation of a truck-mounted aerial platform on license B that will be presented during the next events in which CTE will take part.

The project is the continuation of a path that began in 2007 with the first truck-mounted platform ZED 14 E designed to meet the needs of those who had to operate in environments that require zero emissions and then continued with the introduction of the B-LIFT 17 E platform awarded of the Saie Innovation and IAPA Awards in 2017.

The partnership is announced during the ECOMONDO 2021 event, the exhibition dedicated to the circular economy that takes place in the Rimini exhibition center, currently underway.

The Commercial Director of CTE S.p.A. Marco Govoni declares: “This agreement is the natural consequence of our green vision of the future. We chose “ecarry” and Green-G Electric Vehicles because it is a vehicle totally developed and produced in Italy and we believe in the value of Italian excellence.

It will not be a single model, but a specific range dedicated to all users who require zero-emission equipment ”

Antonio Chiello, Managing Director of Green-G Electric Vehicles adds: “With its 1590mm wide, 5640mm long and 1930mm high, and a total ground mass of 3.5 tons, the ecarry is the most advanced vehicle of its category, with performances clearly above the standards. It is a custom-made light truck for service companies, public entities and logistics companies. Companies that operate in Italian metropolises and cities that carry out activities with repetitive, constant itineraries and with numerous start & stops, such as waste management services, city logistics and last-mile deliveries, even in the limited-traffic zone.

But above all, ecarry is a vehicle developed with a 4.0 perspective and designed with the well-being of the operators in mind, in fact its driving position, thanks to the advanced cabin positioned just 38 centimeters from the ground, is designed to ensure maximum comfort and best operation. This leads to minimum risk of accidents and occupational diseases, protecting the operator’s ankles, knees and back.

Putting the well-being of the environment and mankind at the center is the focus of the project and the collaboration with CTE, a company whose work we recognize and appreciate and with which, we are sure, we will achieve excellent results. ”

About CTE S.p.A.

CTE S.p.A. is an international manufacturer of truck-mounted, self-propelled aerial platforms and scale transporters. The company provides efficient services, innovative technical solutions, timely assistance, professional advice and training: Work Becomes Easy is its philosophy, while construction, infrastructure, maintenance, pruning, utility companies and manufacturing industry are the target audience. The years following 1987, when the company signed a distribution agreement for Italy with Genie Industries, were of great turn for the production of the first truck-mounted and tracked aerial platforms, with the study of the first truck-mounted ZEDs and the first spiders. TRACCESS, and subsequently with the B-LIFT range. Today, CTE is confirmed as one of the leaders in the world sector, with a production of truck-mounted aerial platforms of over 1,000 units produced per year and with a network of dealers present in more than 100 different countries. The flagship product is the range of articulated and telescopic truck mounted aerial platforms, with working heights up to 62 m. For more information: www.ctelift.com and on the social pages Linkedin and Facebook.